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Citrus Fruits


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    Camden, NJ
    Time is TBD
    Camden, NJ

Children & Youth Nutritional Meals Program

This program is designed to provide nutritional meals to children in our community “AT NO COST”. 

Annual back to school program

Program which is designed to provide our children with the necessary clothes and supplies for the new school year.

 Creative Cooking & Beyond

This program is designed to teach individuals how to create and prepare nutritious tasty meals, beginning with a culinary journey into the bliss of flavors.

Children’s Day

A day set aside to shower the children with love and attention. It is a day for fun, food, fellowship, and play.

Safe Sleep Educational Workshop

Program which is designed to educate parents on how to avoid SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

Mother’s Appreciation Event

 Our goal is to edify, encourage and strengthen women for their tireless efforts in helping others. Mother’s Day Celebration Events honoring women for their endless love and care for their families, their contributions to society and their faithful and nurturing ability as a woman. A time to receive love and support.

Father’s Appreciation Program

Our focus is to create a time of support and appreciation for all men for their hard work, dedication and commitment to their families and communities

Fit & Wellness Program

 Program designed to help individuals create a
holistic lifestyle by means of nutritional eating, training exercises and spiritual development. Our goal is to assist individuals in developing a more practical solution to the epidemic of obesity and other minor health conditions. It is also designed with helpful tools needed to get rid of excess body weight. 

Marriage and Family Walkathon

A walk designed to bring awareness to the issues and challenges that face today’s Marriage & Family. 

Employment Ready Program

This program is designed to provide individuals with the necessary training skills needed for employment. It focuses on several areas from how to look for a job, preparing a resume, filling out an application, how to properly dress for an interview, how to conduct oneself during an interview, and completing the employment process with the goal of obtaining employment. It also focuses on maintaining a healthy working attitude. 

Apparel Program

This program is designed to provide families with clothing, shoes, coats, etc. This also includes personal hygiene products. 

First Time Mom

This program is designed to provide support and helpful tools to new mothers as they joyfully embrace their new bundle of joy. 

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